Coffee Jelly

Coffee jelly is delicious served over cream cheese with crackers or bagels or in desserts with milk or cream. Visit our coffee jelly recipes area for great recipes that make use of coffee jellies.

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  • Crème Brulee Coffee Jellycreme-brulee-coffee-jelly

    Our creme brulee coffee jelly is an old-world taste treat that goes perfectly with today’s modern lifestyle. Simply spread and enjoy! Goes great with cream cheese and baked goods, or add it to your bowl of vanilla ice cream for a quick,delicious dessert. Made from the world’sfinest AraArabica coffee. Click here for our other coffee jelly [...]

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  • French Vanilla Coffee Jellyfrench-vanilla-coffee-jelly

    Imagine sitting down to breakfast with a cup of french vanilla flavored coffee made from freshly roasted, freshly ground beans in one hand and your favorite morning biscuit or toasted bread in the other. Now think of a rich, smooth, slightly sweet spread made from the essence of the world’s best coffee atop that morning [...]

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  • Hazelnut Coffee Jellyhazelnut-coffee-jelly

    Lightly sweet with a delicate, pure hazelnut flavor, our hazelnut coffee jelly is perfect by itself as spread or in your favorite coffee recipe. Try it served over cream cheese with crackers, bagels, croissants, muffins and what ever your imagination desires. Try with vanilla ice cream–it’s amazing! Click here for our other coffee jelly choices! Tweet

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  • Vanilla Latte Coffee Jellyvanilla-latte-coffee-jelly

    We’ve worked to create the best coffee jellies you can buy and our vanilla latte coffee jelly is no exception. We start with the world’s finestgourmet coffee beans ,add the creamy latte smoothness you love, and the just the right hint of vanilla. It’s the ideal addition to any coffee-centric lifestyle! Check out our other coffee [...]

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